2007 GMC Sierra 2500HD



209,240 Miles
Stock #: W1036
Show Me the CARFAX Badge
  Drivetrain   4WD
  Engine   8cyl - 6.6L
  Fuel Type   Diesel
  Interior   Black
  Exterior   White

the 2007 GMC Sierra K2500 HD is a heavy-duty truck designed and manufactured by General Motors under the GMC brand. Here is a general description of the 2007 GMC Sierra K2500 HD:

Body Style: The 2007 GMC Sierra K2500 HD is a full-size pickup truck available in various body styles, including regular cab, extended cab (also known as double cab), and crew cab configurations.

Engine Options: It comes with different engine options, but one common engine found in this model year is a powerful V8 engine, such as the 6.6L Duramax turbo diesel V8 engine. The specific engine options may vary based on the trim level and package selected.

Towing and Hauling Capability: As a heavy-duty truck, the Sierra K2500 HD is designed for towing and hauling heavy loads. It should have a substantial towing capacity and payload capacity to handle trailers, equipment, and other heavy cargo.

Four-Wheel Drive (4WD): The K2500 HD comes with four-wheel drive, which allows it to handle off-road conditions and provide better traction in challenging terrains.

Trim Levels: The 2007 GMC Sierra K2500 HD offers various trim levels, which may include the SLE, SLT, and Denali, among others. Each trim level offers different features and amenities.

Interior: The interior of the 2007 Sierra K2500 HD should offer a comfortable and functional cabin with seating for up to six passengers, depending on the cab configuration. The higher trim levels may come with additional features and more luxurious materials.

Safety Features: Standard safety features include airbags, antilock brakes, stability control, and other safety technologies that were typical for that era.

Please note that the specifications and features of the 2007 GMC Sierra K2500 HD may vary depending on the specific model, trim level, and optional packages selected. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, I recommend checking with official GMC sources or consulting a GMC dealer.


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